We are committed to demonstrate that it is possible to make a change by empowering entrepreneurs. We have complementary skills and extensive experience. We believe having fun is crucial to success!

Dick Haan

Managing Director

A driven social investor with more than 20 years of entrepreneurial experience.  Dick started his own company in 1999, and it is now one of the leading global distributors of waxes. He has been the owner and managing director of several successful companies, including Alpha Wax, Social Impact Ventures and Follow the Money.

Bram Boogaerdt 't Hooft

Investment & Finance Director

A passionate impact investor with 20+ years of experience in SME financing. He has specific expertise in international investments, Bram has worked for NIBC, FMO, Deutsche Bank and Oxfam Novib. He is experienced in multiple sectors and has invested in numerous SMEs in 20+ countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Sytske Groenewald

Impact & Operations Director

Eager to make a change, Sytske has worked 10+ years in the Dutch non-profit sector. She conducted a study (Ph.D.) on livelihood adaptation of smallholder farmers, and she has in-depth experience with impact measurement of microfinance and SMEs. She completed the SME Finance Course at the Frankfurt Schule.


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