Our impact

We focus on 3 impact themes

Our mission is to defeat poverty by empowering entrepreneurs with tailored finance. Poverty is more than lack of cash. Poverty can be defined as the lack of physical necessities, assets and incomes. Our investments focus on supporting sustainable agriculture production, access to (healthy) food, improving women’s economic empowerment, increasing job security, incomes and working conditions. All our investments contribute to one or more of the impact themes described below.

Good food &
Healthy life's

We support sustainable agribusinesses and food processors that are creating a positive change in nutrition, food production and consumption with a strong emphasis on sustaining biodiversity, reducing waste, and strengthening the position smallholder farmers in value chains.

Women's economic empowerment

We invest in enterprises that give women the opportunity to gain their own income and improve their economic status and wellbeing. We support enterprises led by women, providing women a decent job or income and/or produce products meeting specific women needs.

Decent work & improved livelihood

We invest in entrepreneurs who are positively contributing to local economic development, create jobs, provide excellent working conditions and a decent wage for people living in poverty with a focus on women, smallholder farmers and youth.

Our contribution to the SDGs

Our ambition to reduce poverty by focusing on 3 impact theme is in line with the Social Development Goals (SDGs) as defined by the United Nation. An overview of all UN SDGs can be find here. The SDGs are broadly defined impact areas, each divided into a number of sub-goals. Each company in our portfolio is different and has an unique way of contributing to wider social goals because of their geographic location, target group, product, staff composition and wider community in which they are operating. Our work contributes most directly to the following SDGs; #1 no poverty, #2 no hunger, #5 gender equality, #8 decent work and economic growth, and #12 responsible consumption and production. In our Social Report we describe our results per SDGs. Here you can read how we manage our impact. 

Entrepreneurs in the lead

Creating impact starts with the entrepreneurs. Given their direct involvement in the local markets within which they operate, our investees are best positioned to realize opportunities for benefit capture at the local level and create value for all parties involved. As a consequence, we view local entrepreneurs as important partners in achieving our development mission. 

We focus on socially-dedicated entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs have a “social heart”, they are driven to create with their business a positively effect on the people and/or the environment/community around them. Their impact is related to the core business and is not coming from charity or corporate social responsibility activities outside of core business processes. Triple I helps entrepreneurs to realize their dreams to improve the lives of the people in their community or have a positive effect on their environment. 

Our results

Our results are bi-annually monitored and updated. We have a much broader measurement framework and social impact assessment which is described in our Annual Social Report. To give an impression of our outreach and scale of activities, below a few key indicators. 

#smallholders supported
#female staff supported
#direct jobs sustained
0 M
€ sourced from farmers

*Latest update of these numbers was March 2019. 

geossy fiets

“All businesses have their own responsibility towards their wider community”

 (Robert, CEO)
Uganda: Dolf Jansen visits partners
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