Impact Investment

Triple I

Triple I was founded by Oxfam Novib in October 2014 by establishing a separate enterprise called: Inclusive Impact Investments BV (“Triple I”). This Dutch based limited liability company invests directly in SMEs in Nigeria, Uganda and Vietnam. By the end of 2016 a new partner, LimeTree Participations BV, joined this initiative by acquiring 60% of Triple I whereby Oxfam Novib remained as a 40% shareholder and continues supporting the investment work by combining their SME development program with Triple I. Read more….

Impact Investing

Impact Investing in SMEs that add ESG value

Triple I believes that a strong SME sector contributes to sustainable economic development. The impact investment sector is booming and the number of investors that are labeled as “impact investor” is growing. Today around 36 billion USD (GIIN, 2016) is invested in SMEs labeled as “impact investments”. However, of this collection of investors, not all investments are in SMEs that add value socially or environmentally alongside their financial returns. Read more….