About us


Inclusive Impact Investments B.V.  (Triple I) is an impact investing company specialized in financing and supporting small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa and Asia. All our investments are aimed to create a positive social impact on the livelihoods of the people directly involved in the businesses we support as well as the wider society. We provide long-term growth capital (€100k-€500k) to help SMEs realise their growth potential. In addition, we provide hands-on advisory services to maximize the operational capacity and social impact.

Triple I is founded in 2013. 

Our mission

Our mission is to defeat poverty in developing countries. 

Our conviction is that social-dedicated entrepreneurs can make a change and play a vital role in achieving sustainable, large scale, economic development and social impact. However, we recognize that businesses need to be viable and grow before they can create long-term social impact.

This is why we support locally owned businesses and encourage entrepreneurship in less developed areas of the globe.

“It is inspiring to see that entrepreneurs everywhere around the globe struggle with similar challenges as I do. Sharing experiences and providing support is what drives me”.

Dick Haan, Dutch entrepreneur

Investment principles

Sole investor

We believe we add more value to SMEs by being the sole investor. Therefore, we limit co-investments. 

Pragmatic approach

To serve a large number of SMEs, we apply processes that are lean and mean, flexible, but accurate. ​

Market stability

Triple I provides revenue-related products, longer terms, and non-collateral lending instead of straight debt to add more value to SMEs and prevent competition with local banks on the lowest interest rate.

Entrepreneur orientation

Triple I considers local entrepreneurs and their stakeholders as its primary clients. Therefore, we drive growth instead of IRR.

Products are simple

Triple I keeps agreements as simple as possible and always explains the terms personally to each client.

Real stories

Triple I always investigates the facts behind the stories. The better the story, the more curious we are about the reality. We are realistic about the impact we can expect from our investments. ​

Triple I provides business growth support alongside the financial products. 

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