Vina Samex Vietnam

Vietnam Staraniseed Cassia Manufacturing and Exporting Joint Stock Company (“Vina Samex”) processes and sells high quality cinnamon and star aniseed to the international market. Their mission is to raise the value of Vietnamese spices by providing customers all over the world with high quality and stable products of cinnamon and star aniseed. The company has obtained an HACCP Certificate and an organic certificate in December 2017. The annual turnover was 3 mio EUR in 2018.

Our engagement
In 2019, we offered a subordinated 7-years (2-years grace) convertible loan of €450.000. We provide an non-collateral loan so that the company can also go to local banks for additional loans to increase their working capital in the future and invest further in their factory and additional machinery. In this way we fulfill a catalytic role.

Social impact
Vina Samex sources her raw materials from Yen Bai province and Lang Son province; the living place for many ethnic groups. The living conditions of most of these ethic groups are characterized by high poverty rates. The company supports farmers with improving the quality of their product and increase their productivity to improve their incomes. The investment will support to company to buy more products and thereby increase the incomes of local farmer suppliers, create 100+ seasonal jobs, strengthen the position of female farmers in the supply chain and contribute to more sustainable production by steering towards 60% certified production in 2023.

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