Vina Samex Vietnam

Vina Samex

Our engagement
We have provided a debt facility in USD. This loan is in US$ because company has US$ related export and foreign investors cannot provide loans in local currency. The interest rate is fixed for a five year period. The company applied for a 1 year grace period.

Social impact
Our investment in An Dinh has a positive effect on local smallholder rice farmers. The number of smallholders that is able to sell rice to An Dinh increases. The income of smallholders increases when they switch from normal rice to Japonica rice (the production costs are lower and the prices are higher of Japonica rice compared to normal rice). Finally, the number of (temporary) staff hired by An Dinh has increased (the higher output will provide a higher number of employees at SME level. However, the largest impact is at smallholder level.)

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