Venture Assistance

Why more than money

We recognize that the business we support need more than capital to scale and grow. Therefore Triple I provides hands-on venture assistance to facilitate the development and growth process of businesses. For this aim Triple I allocates a portion of her investment budget (max. 5% per deal size) in venture assistance services for investees and prospects. This contributes to our ultimate goal of better helping entrepreneurs, building entrepreneurial capacity and strengthening the local underserved SME sectors.

Types of assistance we provide

Our advisors make part of our wide network of local consultants, business development providers, financial institutions. The advisory we support is aimed to;

  • maximize the social impact of a business and/or;
  • improve working conditions for staff and/or;
  • support the operations to sustain the growth process
Examples of our advisory are the development of a business model including forecasts, a project to improve the direct sourcing from farmer suppliers, development of marketing strategies and last-mile distribution and product branding, and improving human resource management.
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