So Fresh

So Fresh is a fast growing healthy food retail chain that provides fresh, clean and healthy wraps, salads and smoothies to its customers in Lagos and Abuja. So Fresh has currently 8 shops and is one of the leading premium healthy food providers in Nigeria. Over the last 7 years the company has been at the forefront of pioneering healthy lifestyle and wellness through promoting healthier eating options and habits. 

Our engagement
In order to extend the business with another 6 – 8 shops and to steepen its growth path we are engaged in this company since 2017. We are minority shareholder and hold a board position in this company.

Social impact
Through our investment in So Fresh we create and broaden the company’s social impact in three ways:
(1) By opening new shops they will create about 36 new jobs for young women – 17 to 23 years – from underprivileged backgrounds (this group forms the bulk of the company’s current employees); (2) improve incomes for farmers through direct sourcing of fresh produce. The company sources less than 30% of its fresh produce direct from farmers but strives to engage with more farmers in the future; and (3) improve healthy habits of the populace through eating more healthy meals.

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