• Michael Adeola

    Business Advisor Nigeria

    Before I joined Oxfam, I was a Business Development Manager for a non-governmental organization. Amongst others, my responsibilities included business plan development, strategy formulation and programme management. Through my involvement as Project Team Lead on a Goldman Sachs sponsored consulting initiative for SMEs in Nigeria, I gained broad experience in developing SMEs across different industries. I’m excited to get involved with entrepreneurs worldwide. If you have any questions regarding Inclusive Impact Investments in Nigeria, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Laurens Coeveld

    SME Development programme lead

    Laurens Coeveld is Senior Business Advisor at Oxfam Novib. In this role he has two responsibilities. Firstly, he is leading the SME Development Programme currently running in Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda and Vietnam and being initiated in other countries. Secondly, he is lead for the Internet Now project in Northern Uganda. Laurens holds a board position at SINFA Uganda, a social enterprise setup as part of the project. In his previous role, Laurens was working on corporate partnerships within Oxfam Novib, in which he jointly managed to sign a big new project for Oxfam. Before Oxfam Novib, Laurens worked for 8 years as strategy consultant for Accenture, mostly focused on banks and tech companies, but also engaged in the non-profit industry.

  • Marc de Klerk

    Investor Community Manager

    Marc de Klerk graduated at Utrecht University as International Economist and Economic Geographer. Since then he worked all over the globe as freelancer and entrepreneur, consultant at Enclude (Triodos Facet) and Team Leader of a 5 year 5 country entrepreneurship development programme at SPARK. At Oxfam Novib, Marc is part of the Innovation Star, where he is engaged to set-up Oxfam’s Impact Investor Community for Impact SME’s that are supported by various Oxfam programmes. In addition he is supporting BDS programmes and other innovative business and entrepreneurship support initiatives.

  • Sytske Groenewald

    Impact Measurement project lead

    For me the challenge lies in quantifying and measuring the social impact of our investments. I believe that our extensive experience in programme monitoring and evaluation will help us to develop a reliable method. This method will surely attract new capital flows in the future. If you have any questions regarding Impact Measurement, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Vincent Okoth

    Business Advisor Uganda

    My background is in agricultural value chain and business development, specifically modeling enterprisesthat create value for the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ clients. After more than 5 years developing smallholder value chains with Technoserve and Chemonics in rural Uganda, my desire to apply these skills in the business context led me to business school. This affirmed my belief that social entrepreneurship and impact investing can bring sustainable transformation to communities. As a Business Advisor for this team I hope to combine my experience with multinational organizations to help model enterprises that impact profit, people and the planet. If you have any questions regarding Inclusive Impact Investments in Uganda, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  • Ha Nguyen Thu

    Business Advisor Vietnam

    In the past I worked 15 years as an auditor for KPMG and 2 years for one of the leading social enterprises in Vietnam. My motivation to join this team is to share my financial expertise and knowledge on social enterprises in Vietnam. I am certain that together we can make Oxfam Inclusive Impact Investments a successful programme. If you have any questions regarding our Inclusive Impact Investments in Vietnam, don’t hesitate to contact me.