Oxfam Novib currently supports companies in Africa and Asia who have a specific impact focus in the social, environmental or governance (ESG) related areas. We help connect Oxfam Inclusive Investors to promising companies at an early stage, ensuring relevant selection and identification of areas for improvement and support so they can become investment ready.

Oxfam’s objective is to increase impact investments made in Africa and Asia and, in this way, to enhance the impact the supported companies can have in their local communities, regions and countries. Oxfam steers towards a ‘More Impact’ rationale by providing support services to impact companies, impact measurement and publications, which in turn can attract more capital into the impact investment market.

The Investor Community consists of investors that are dedicated to generating pro-active, positive impact on ESG-related areas in Africa and Asia. These investors can select potential investees from Oxfam’s shortlist, who will be offered support by Oxfam’s SME development programmes as described here.