Impact Services

Oxfam Novib and partners offer services to SMEs and investors. Partners are local service providers and international specialist organisations.

The services that we offer to SME’s include:

  • Business development services by local partners: providing tailored services to SMEs based on their needs, and providing group training and networking opportunities.
  • A social and environmental impact management and measurement course.
  • Access to an online inclusive business accelerator platform, with access to international online courses, templates for business processes, and networking opportunities with buyers, peer supporters and investors.

In addition, we are piloting several new forms of support for the companies, including:

  • An international fellowship programme recruits MBA graduates to be embedded in a group of companies to provide hands-on support and improve the company in various areas.
  • Professional technical support from international engineers, to address specific technical challenges in production processes.The services focus on helping the businesses to professionalise, become scalable and optimise their impact. Oxfam delivers competitive, investment ready companies in a pipeline to investors from the Investor Community—that is, companies with professionalised impact strategies, implementation capacity, and professional teams.

In addition, Oxfam Novib works on improving the enabling environment for small companies. We collaborate with stakeholders on improving key enabler factors for SMEs in their local ecosystems, such as the regulatory environment and accessible local financing markets.