How we manage our impact

We use a standardized impact management framework throughout the full life-cycle of an engagement. 

First, we start with a quick scan to check the eligibility criteria. The social criteria are of decisive importance. We do not invest in companies which are active in sectors and/or products that are on our Exclusion List. The exclusion list relates to activities that out of their nature are not supported by Oxfam Novib.  Next, throughout our due diligence research we verify an extensive list of Environmental, Social, and Govenance (ESG) criteria. 

Second, we incorporate social milestones in the loan agreements including measurable conditions precedence and best effort obligations. 

Thirdly, investees provide updates on their impact performance as part of the regular bi-annual reports. The bi-annually reporting process ensures regular assessment of performance against targets. This hands-on approach enables us to collaboratively learn and improve the impact of businesses and adhere to good governance principles to achieve our mission. 

Fourthly, we keep our stakeholders informed through bi-annual updates of our website, shareholder update reports and our Annual Social Report. 

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