So Fresh was established in 2010 by Olagoke Balogun (CEO) (Goke) & his wife Abimbola (COO) with the family’s entire savings. The company was conceived to provide a clean, serene and hygienic space where locals could buy fresh produce in contrast to open markets which are mostly noisy, unorganised, inconvenient and with unsanitary conditions. Overtime, So Fresh began to shift focus to freshly prepared healthy meals to tap into the increasing health consciousness and culture shift in the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘where’ people shop for food. The scope of customers is mid- to high income class in the Lagos urban centres between the ages of 15-60 years. Average growth rate of the company in the last 4 years is about 70% and it continues to build on its first mover advantage in the fresh healthy food segment of the wider food industry. 80% of the company’s customers are women. Products are mainly healthy salads, wraps, juices and snacks, a healthy meal plan service is also provided. The company employs 63 people at present, 75% of this number are young women. About 150 indirect jobs have also been created by the company as a result of its business operations, women make up 50% of this number. The company has a vision to expand rapidly within Nigeria serving 10,000 customers daily from the current 500 and to increase the turnover from € 800k to € 6 million by the end of 2021. NGN 90 million in equity (15%).


Bee Natural Uganda (BNU) is one of the top processors and distributors of high quality locally produced honey and beeswax in Uganda. It is one of the most important local market players in Arua, a region in Northern Uganda that has been hampered in its economic growth due to poor infrastructure and limited access to energy and capital. Investment from Triple I encourages BNU to focus on growth to simulate the purchase of honey and bees wax, as well as to build longstanding relationships with farmer groups based on mutual trust and shared liability. By purchasing and training farmers directly, without intermediary agents (middlemen), BNU will receive better quality honey for a lower price, while farmers increase their productivity and gain a higher price per kilogram honey thanks to improved knowledge and techniques obtained through trainings and a good buying price offered by BNU. UGX 817 million in debt and equity (33%).

Capstone is one of the first companies to introduce affordable disposable sanitary pads to the bottom of the pyramid (BoP) market in rural Uganda. Access to these affordable pads is expected to generate positive effects such as women and girls being able to complete their studies, be active in public life, and improve their health and sanitary conditions. Marketing in rural areas and offer lower-priced products requires an up-front investment. Triple I’s investment will give Capstone the financial room to launch this BoP product and realize social impact for women and girls in rural Uganda. Besides the BoP product, called Lilies, Capstone also sells a premium sanitary pad to the market, named Secrets. UGX 1.428 million convertible debt.



An Dinh Technology Development & Investment Co., Ltd is one of the top manufacturers and distributors of high quality Japonica rice in Vietnam. The An Dinh’s Japonica’s rice products such as Koshi Hikari, Akita Komachi, Hannomai, Kinu and Hitomebore are produced following a clean agricultural procedure, restricting the use of chemicals and ensuing the toxic plant protection drugs. Therefore, the products still keep intact the strong appetizing smell, typical glutinosity, high nutritional content of Japonica rice. The factory is located in 2 ha of land in Hung Yen province (about 40km from Hanoi centre). An Dinh has currently contracts with more than 50 cooperatives which counts in total of more than 14,000 smallholders. The Company is using modern technology and latest machinery for rice drying, selecting and polishing. It also has a cold room storage and cooled silo’s.  The CEO, Mr Nhi is one of the first persons producing Japonica rice in Vietnam. He is a passionate in growing and trading Japonica rice. An Dinh is the leading Company in production and export of Japonica rice. An Dinh has recently upgraded its rice processing factory to meet higher demand and to improve quality. US$ 300.000 non collateral debt.