In each country, Oxfam and investors from the community select 10-15 impact companies from each country each year, which can then obtain support to become more competitive, scalable and grow to increase their impact. Hence, investors can pre-select potential companies to invest in. Together with the investors, we perform a SWOT analysis. Oxfam and investors tailor specific services based on the SWOT analysis, which are delivered by Oxfam and partners to strengthen the companies to reach investment readiness.

The process in brief:

  • Oxfam recruits and shortlists relevant impact companies
  • Oxfam and investors select companies from the shortlist
  • Oxfam and investors perform SWOT analysis and define focus areas for support
  • Companies are supported through coaching, capacity building and other tailored services to become investment ready
  • Investors perform due diligence and investments can be made
  • Oxfam carries out impact management and measurement activities as described here.