What makes a company an impact company?

Companies are selected based on scalability, impact, and market potential. The companies must have an integrated business strategy for generating positive impact in the company’s direct and wider communities. The direct stakeholders are the employees, suppliers and customers.

The impacts we focus on include:

  • More and better quality jobs for employees and smallholder suppliers, especially women and youth
  • Relevant products and services for low-income customers (the bottom of the pyramid or ‘BoP’)
  • Positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) impacts in the wider communities of the companies.

In our selection we also look at company size (10-250 employees, >100k€ revenue) and maturity (>2 years in existence, legally registered, able to show audited accounts). Furthermore, the company must have clear growth potential and must be led by a local and dedicated entrepreneur with relevant experience. Lastly, we look at the fit with other Oxfam programmes and the added value of our work to the company (right time, right kind of support).